Sunday, June 16, 2013


When you think of childhood, you probably think of teddy bears.  They are the friend that never fights back, even in the best of times and worst of times.  So only fitting that as you grow, you friends may come and go but teddy bear is a constant.

Today I decided to make a card for the graduate who is a child at heart, featuring none other than a teddy.  The bear (complete with hat, robe, and diploma) was created using the Silhouette, simple shapes made this the easy part.  Creating letters is a very easy process with the Silhouette system, but I decided to take it a step further this them and create homemade ink dauber.

Ink daubers are used to apply ink, chalk, or paint to paper products.  I've been looking at daubers for the past few weeks at Joann's, but they are too expensive so I found a how to blog on Pinterest. after a trip to the local hardware store, I was able to follow the instructions and make my own.  They are made with PVC pipe and application wedges.  Here is a picture of them as well as the finished piece.

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