Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thank You!

On yet another seasonally warm summer day, my fiance and I paid a visit to his parents house to assist in fixing his father's car.  While the boys played outside, my future mother-in-law and I hung out inside enjoying every bit of air conditioning that we could get.  So while the bulk of the day was spent inside, the afternoon hours grew into early evening I knew another simple card was in order.  Recently I have been on a Pinterest kick finding all sorts of cool ideas to base my cards off of.  It is a way to make things easier when someone else's creative gets my hamster wheel turning.  Time to explain how I made tonight's creation.

Since I was feeling lazy after spending the day away from home, I decided to go with a per-cut card.  Using my Mosaic punch, I punched out four colored designer paper ornaments.  Now using a solid color paper, I then used my Bitty Butterfly punch.  Once the butterflies took shape I used glue dots and placed them in the center of my multi-color ornaments.  Then I attached the finished pieces to my base card evenly spacing them on the bottom in no particular order.  To wrap up the card, I stamped "thank you" above the ornaments on the right side.  I could have tied this card together with ribbon and bow, but I took the easy way out and now have a finished creation.  Weather it is remarkable or not it is much like art "it in the eye of the beholder."  Until next time, happy carding everyone!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Embroidered Blossom Card

Making the most of my last few days before school starts, I decided that I wanted to attempt a card with a bit more challenge then I have put myself up to as of late.  Inspired by a YouTube video that I found on Pinterest, I found the card was cute and using a needle and thread give the card an extra personal touch. Instead of using yet another tool, as it seems every card I create requires something I don't have (except for time).

Using my Silhouette, I cut out the main components of the card (two overlays and a base).  I then glued the purple overlay onto my card base.  I punched a 1/4" hole on the top and the bottom of my card where I wanted to place the stem.  After they were punched, I undertook the most challenging part of this card!  Threading my needle with green string and placing it from the bottom of one hole and out through the other.  In order for the string to stay in place after it went through the bottom hole, I placed a dimensional on the back and placed the end of the string on it.  I wanted my stem to look thick so I repeated this process a total of four times.  Once my stem was completed, I cut off the extra string and stuck the end to the dimensional.  I then added four more dimensionals on the back of the overlay and placed it on top of the purple overlay.  Next, I took my Blossom punch and did a total of three (two white and one purple) to make the flower appear layered.  Once the blossoms were finished, I used my 1/4" hole punch and punched a hole where there was a petal.  Using a dimensional on the back of the flower, I then threaded my needle with purple string which allowed me to create petals with an embroidered look (thus the blog title!)   I came in from one of the outer petals and went across to the length of the petal on the opposite side.  Repeating this process until the whole flower was complete.  Once the flower was completed, I placed dimensional's on the back of the other white blossom and then glued the purple on top, once again turning to to give the effect of laying.  I then added a few more more dimensional's to the embroidered flower and placed it on the card.  After the flower was completed, I used my Silhouette to cut out a strip of grass and two leaves.  Putting dimensional's on the grass and adhering it to the bottom of the card I then punched holes on each end of the leaves to stretch my thread across the length of the leaf.  This time I did not put a dimensional on the back since it would have given it too much height.  Instead I used mini glue dots to hold the two leaves in place.  Once I was done embroidering, I stamped "Feel Better" from Sassy Salutations.

Here is the link to the tutorial ( that I used to make this card just in case my steps are not clear enough.  Until next time, happy carding everyone.

Measurement Guide
(a)  Card Base:  7" by 10"
(b)  Purple Overlay:  6.75" by 4.75"
(c)  White Overlay:  6.5" by 4.5"
(d)  Grass:  4.5" by 1.25"

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mr. & Mrs.

This week I was asked to make three cards for one of my co-workers from school.  Two of the three cards I already had on hand, so I just had to make a card for a bridal shower.  After tweaking a card that she found on Pinterest I added a bit of flair it to make the design my own.

For this card, I used my reliable Silhouette to cut out all the different pieces that were required.  Using Silhouette Design Studio, I was allowed more freedom and the ability to draw out my towel rack before cutting it.  This was nice since I had to make a few adjustments to make everything fit properly on the card.  Once the towel rack and towels were cut out, I then cut the different color overlays that were needed to complete this card.  After more cutting, I embossed the towels and the purple overlay to give the card a little more texture.  I then added rhinestones to the end of the towel rack to give it more of a 3-D appearance complete with handles.  Once the card was assembled, I wrote "Mr." & "Mrs." on the circle nameplates for the towels.  Completing my card, I used my Word Window and Modern Label punch so that there was a place to stamp my greeting.  Finishing off with the Teeny Tiny Wishes stamp set to stamp "for your shower," all elements were completed and thus tonight's remarkable creation sits before you.  The card turned out exactly how I pictured it in my head (which is always a good feeling when my head doesn't hurt).  I hope the person that is receiving it enjoys it just as much as I did making it for them.  Until next time, happy carding everyone. :)

Measurement Guide
(a)  White Card Base:  7" by 10"
(b)  Purple Cardstock  Overlay:  6.75" by 4.75"
(c)  Black Cardstock Overlay:  3.5" by 3.5"
(d)  White Cardstock Overlay:  3.25" by 3.25"

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


After 2 and a half weeks of training and getting my classroom ready, I finally got a day to relax.  It was amazing to say the least.  Even though I got to lay around all day and do basically nothing, I'm still feeling rather wiped out .  I had every intention to make a more challenging card, but the headache that I have had since Saturday decided to rear its ugly head.  But enough about me, time to talk about tonight's remarkable creation.

Today I received my Stampin UP demonstrator starter kit in the mail so I decided to try a few things out like my new trimmer.  After using the same trimmer for so long, it's hard to believe what I was missing; but now I know I won't ever go back.  Using my new trimmer, I then cut out the base of my card and scored in the middle.  Once it was folded, I cut off 1-1/4" from the opening flap so that I could place my flowers along the side.  After I cut the piece off, I used one of my flower stamps from the Mixed Bunch stamping set and stamped 3 of each color that I was using.  I then used the Blossom Punch to cut them out.  I have to admit that the more I use the punch, the easier it is getting to line it up.  After the flowers were punched out, I overlapped them on the card and make sure the second layer was touching the edge of the card.  This card was similar to the one that I made a workshop a few weeks ago, but I wanted to try it with a bigger flower.  Until next time, happy carding everyone!

Measurement Guide
(a)  Card Base:  7" by 10"

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fishing You a Happy Birthday

Today was yet another day spent in my classroom prepping for the start of the school year, only today was different.  I was greeted by visitors as it was open house at school this afternoon, all my hard work getting the classroom ready was put on display.  While I have spent the better part of the last week getting ready, I still feel there is plenty left to do with not enough time to do it all.  So as the days grew closer the more simple my cards have become, tonight is no exclusion to that logic.  On a warm summer day like we had today, I think back to June when I went to the water park to relax and stay cool.  The great memories of summer that will keep me warm in the coming months, but alas I knew I should do an aquatic theme for tonight's remarkable creation.

A constant this summer has definitely been my Silhouette, tonight every piece of the card was cut with my favorite tool.  But before I get to the main feature of the card, let me explain one of the more creative parts of the card.  The green seaweed was stamped in alternating pattern with a stamp meant for flower stems, letting the ink run dry on the stamp also allowed me to freely wave the weeds more accurately.  Moving up on the card the next element is a fish, also made with pieces meant for a flower.  Using a flower I cut with my Silhouette, I removed all petals except for two; to mimic the appearance of tail fins.  Using the pedals from the flower that I had cut off I attached them to the circle.  This gave the look of the other fins, the fish was completed by punching a small heart and putting it on the front right side of the circle for a pair of fishing lips.  Making a small black dot with a fine tip sharpie, my fishy was now able to see and he was completed.  I then made five circles of the same color as my base card, using foam adhesive squares I was able to make four of the five appear 3-D on the card.  The fifth and final circle received a darker blue underlay to emphasize the importance of "Happy Birthday" stamped inside.

I finished the card off with the border on top in darker blue then my overlay.  These half circles give the look of waves at the top of the water.  Now I can go relax with thoughts of days spent relaxing on the boat.  Until next time everyone, happy carding!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Faux Tile

Today was a day where Murphy's Law definitely played a part:  "what can go wrong, will go wrong."  After dinner the exhaustion took over, my mind was basically fried but I still had an idea in my head for my card.  So quickly to my craft room I went so not to forget my idea and onward with the rest of my blog for tonight.
A constant headache all day let to yet another easy card for this evening's remarkable creation, it seems like a running them as of late I'm sure.  but I am so mentally and physically drained after long days at school, that is all I can muster before I crash and call it a night.  First, I custom cut base (a) of my card using a piece of dark green card stock.  I then punched out 9 squares (c).  After they were punched out, I put a little adhesive on the back of the squares so I could connect them together without moving.  Once they were altogether and made a 3 by 3 square, I start stamping different animals from the Fox and Friends stamp set onto the squares.  I randomly stamped them on and got a little crazy with some of them but the craziness makes it fun.  Finishing my card, I pulled the squares apart and placed them on a light green overlay (b).  I left about an 1/8 of an inch gap in between each square.  Leaving the gaps creates the effect of tiles on bathroom floor.  Once that was completed, I cut the overlay so it had an 1/8 of an inch all around as well.  Even though this card was easy to create, a lot can still go wrong.  I hope tomorrow is a better day.  Until next time everyone, happy carding.

Measurement Guide
(a) Card Base:  5.5" by 11"
(b) Overlay:  5.25" by 5.25"
(c)  9 Squares:  1.5" by 1.5" each

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dad's Birthday Cake

In addition to making my card of the day, I made my dad a birthday cake as well.  The cake took a few hours to decorate, because of a heatwave in the area (and central air that couldn't keep up) the frosting was melting as I applied it to the cake.  My dad is big into hunting and fishing (as you've seen if you've seen previously blog postings) so I decided a duck was the perfect design for the cake.  Once the cake was frosted (for the second time) I used blue color mist provided by my mother and sprayed the cake to give it the frosting an appearance of water.  After that, I found an image on the internet and printed it out in order to create a design for the duck.  Once printing was complete, I traced it onto wax paper using a black sharpie marker.  After that was done, I flipped over the wax paper and traced it again only this time I used black piping gel instead of a Sharpie.  I chose black to make sure that it stood out and was most visible on the cake.  When the final design is filled in, the piping gel will be covered upon completion.  Using the bottom of a pen to press the gel into the cake, I then pulled off the wax paper gently so that it wouldn't take the frosting with it.  After the image was on the cake, I mixed up the different colors of frosting to fill in the many details of the duck on this cake.  I then put the different colors into decorating bags using a star tip I had to put the frosting in the fridge several times since it was melting and not making my stars.  Finishing the duck and cattails, I wrote "Happy Birthday Bob" on the cake using a round tip.  It would have came out nicely if a  decorating bag hadn't slipped and fallen on one of the B's.  Oh well, it happens.  There is no such then as perfect.  All that matters is that my dad loved his cake and enjoyed his time with family and friends! :)

You are simply wonderful!

Today I am trying something new after my friend Chris told me that my blogs have been getting rather wordy with all the dimensions taking up more space then is really necessary.  While I don't believe this to be true, I decided to give it a go and try his advice.  Starting with the card I created for today, I will have a reference sheet/guide at the bottom of each blog.  This will show you (the readers of my blog) the measurements needed for creating your own remarkable creations, without cluttering your mind with lot's of numbers you might forget while reading this fine text.

After spending the day with family and friends to celebrate my dad's birthday, as well as getting more photos taken with our son (aka our dog Bucky); I decided to create an easier card tonight.  Firstly, I cut out the base (a) of my card using a piece of white card stock; I chose this color for it's simplicity and ability to work with all colors.  I then cut out the orange polka dot strip (b) to place on the left-hand side of the card near the main fold in the card.  Once the pieces were cut, I stamped an orange flower from my Mix Bunch Stamp Set.  After stamping the flower, I used my Blossom punch to cut out shape of the flower.  This was a bit of a challenge since I wanted to make sure the border around the flower was even and nothing was cut off.  In reality this is always a challenge for me because it requires a lot attention to detail (which after a long day, I sometimes lack).  Upon completion I stamped "you are simply wonderful" in the lower right-hand corner of the card from the Friendly Phrases Stamp Set.  This card was quite easy to make but after a long weekend it was just what I needed, the school year officially begins in 9 days.  I think I'm ready for it, but only time will tell; as usual until next time everyone, happy carding!

Measurement Guide
(a) Card Base:  10" by 7"
(b) Orange Polka Dot Strip:  1.75" by 7"

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Little Bit O' Love

Today I spent a bulk of the day getting Christmas card photos taken by my good friend Chris (who does a 365 of the photo variety, his photos can be viewed via local paparazzi on flickr).  Aside from that I was feeling the love with lot's of kisses from my fiance, I can't wait to see the results of Chris' photo shoot.  While I was feeling the love I decided to carry this over to my card for today.  Although my anniversary isn't for another 3 months, I decided that as anniversaries are a common theme that can always use a good card.  Using a pre-made black base card, which was tied together with a custom cut pink paper I knew I had found the perfect color combination .  To create the heart pattern I used my Cuttlebug to emboss the paper before attaching it to the base with the tape runner.  I then used my Silhouette to cut out the pieces of the moon as well as the tree branch; to create the moon I used three different colors.  Once the parts were put together as a whole a 3-D effect was achieved.  Given the large size of the moon, I had to run the sphere to the edges of my overlay dropping slightly from the top to leave enough space on the bottom to add my word window for my text but we will touch on this later.  I then used the tape runner adhere the tree branch.  Using my Owl punch, I punched out two black owls and adhered them to the card.  I also used my owl punch to punch out the three pink hearts.  Once the owls and hearts were adhered to the card, I used my Modern Label and Word Window punch in order to stamp the salutation onto the card.  Using the Teeny Tiny Wishes stamp set to stamp "Happy Anniversary."  The card was tied together nicely with all of the different elements used.  Until next time everyone, happy carding.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Waterfall Card

After a long week of prepping my classroom for the start of the school year, I was very happy to be able to relax from the comforts of my own apartment for a change.  While there was lot's to be done I found myself on track for yet another late night carding adventure.  So let's cut to the chase and go forward with tonight's blog!  My base card measured 4.5" by 5.5" but alas I was not done cutting paper, I also had to include a piece cut to 2" by 9".  For the second piece I scored lines at several marks along the paper (2", 2.75", 3.5, and 4.25"), this was done as it will serve as a flip boxes in the final card.  When I finished cutting and scoring it is now necessary to make another strip of paper measuring 4.25" by .75":  I then lined the card base with patterned paper that measured 4" by 5.25".  I cut out 4 blue squares that were 2" by 2".  Cutting out 4 more squares in white 1-7/8" by 1-7/8".  After my white squares were completed, I stamped a balloon from the Birthday Whismy stamp collection on each.  One of the simplest steps came next, attaching the white squares onto the blue squares.  Using brads I adhered the smaller strip of paper onto my card, this piece will go towards the bottom of the card (the Crop-a-Dile was used to make the holes for the brads).  Taking the large strip and folding along the score lines,  I had to make sure the folds were very flexible so that I was able to pull down the card easily.  After I folded it I needed to slide the longer end under the support and attach the other piece where it meets the bottom of the support.  Placing the squares I created earlier I then put them onto the larger strip of paper using my score marks as a guide.  I put glue on the top of the square so that it was still able to be mobile.  Repeating this process for the other three squares to complete this section of the card.  Once this was completed, I then punched a small hole in the bottom of the strip and tied ribbon on it so the person receiving this card could pull the card down.  After the card was completely down, I stamped "happy birthday and many more" using the same collection as my balloon I placed on the card earlier.  Until next time, happy carding everyone!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Window Pane Card

Today, I spent a significant about of time in my classroom trying to turn my destruction zone into a quality learning environment.  It seems like just yesterday that I was packing up my classroom for summer vacation and now I am going in reverse and unpacking it for the start of another school year.  I can't wait to be done with this busy body work and I look forward to putting my best foot forward for the upcoming year.  Since I spent the day at school, I lacked motivation to make a more challenging card again tonight.  Once the school year officially starts I think it will be in my best interest to plan out my cards for the week.  This way I avoid cheating on the challenge that I presented myself.  Using a window pane technique, I put my Silhouette to use as I do not have the appropriate punch to complete this card.  I created a square that measured 3-1/4" on each side.  To make the window pane I then drew four 1-1/4" scalloped circles.  The toughest part was lining them up so that each side was evenly space.  A benefit to using my Silhouette I was able to use the rulers as guides and to adjust as need.  Creating an overlay that was the same dimensions as the card base once it was folded in half, helping me emboss an individual piece and not the whole card.  After I embossed the overlay, I cut out another using patterned paper for placement underneath the window pane.  Using dimensionals when adhering the window pane would have been ideal, but unfortunately I left mine at a workshop.  Putting the finishing touches on my card, I punched out four butterflies with the Bitty Butterfly Punch.  To give the effect of butterfly landing I scored each on both sides of the wings then I placed them on the card with adhesive.  Until next time, happy carding everyone!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just For You!

After a tiresome day of rearranging my classroom for yet another unfilled school year, I knew many adventures were in store.  The last two years have flown by and it is hard to believe that I have already been teaching full-time for two years.  With my classroom being a destroyer zone and road construction in the surrounding area, it is hard to believe that everything will be done by the time school starts in a little over a week...while maybe not everything.  I look forward to seeing my smiley face students and hearing of their summer adventures.  Enough about school time to focus on my remarkable creation for the night.  Using my paper trimmer, I lined up the paper and cut custom overlays as well as the base for the card.  Before running both white pieces through my Zyron, I cut out 10 strips of each color measuring 12" by 3/8".  Beginning with the lower left-hand corner of the middle overlay, I placed the strips diagonally and alternated my color strips.  Then continuing this pattern to the upper right-hand corner.  Repeating this task for the outer overlay, but starting at the upper left-hand corner so that it was opposite the middle overlay.  Using the simplest tool in my box, I trimmed the extra paper off with my scissors.  I attached the smaller overlay to the larger overlay and using a glue stick I glued it to the blue base card.  Then I created the center piece for my card using the Mixed Bunch stamp set and the Blossom punch from Stampin UP.  I found the hardest part of this process was effectively applying the punch around the stamp without cutting off any edges.  Once this was completed, I used the Word Window and Modern Label punch from Stampin UP to add text to my creation.  I stamped "just for you" on the word window from the Tiny Teeny Wish stamp collection from Stampin UP.  I am sure the next week and a half will fly by and school will start sooner then I imagine, be fair worried I may become less creative with my creations once the school year starts.  Doubling teaching and remarkable creation will be a challenge and itself but I look forward to seeing what I can do.  Maybe my students will have ideas too offer up for the project, until time next, happy carding everyone.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Manic Maddness

Another long training day left me tired once more, to be honest I'm not sure how I will survive the school year and this project at the same time.  But I've stayed strong over the last almost 3 months, and kept up with my card a day.  Using a paper trimmer I made a custom cut 5-1/2" by 10" card, after this I made a 4-1/2" by 5" white overlay, then I finished off the main parts by making a grey underlay (measured at 4-3/4" by 5-1/4").  Using a stamp form the same collection I used last night I proceeded to stamp "thank you" in the upper left hand corner with a solid black.  After this I used stamps from the "Manic Madness" (that I received in the mail today), using colors that went nicely together I created a diagonal pattern.  This pattern ran the middle of the right side of the white overlay.  Although I didn't have a good idea for what colors I wanted to use, I managed to make them flow nicely to create a nice pattern.  After stamping up one corner, I decided to finish covering the card, in order to give the effect of partial stamps I used a new technique.  Using a piece of white scrap paper, I placed it flush against the white overlay on the card and proceeded to apply the stamp.  This is a very easy and beneficial technique so that you are not running any overlay or borders you may have created.  While this card was very simple to make I enjoyed making it as a remarkable creation for you to enjoy.  Until next time, happy carding everyone!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Thinking of You!

After another long day of training, I came home and searched Pinterest to get the creative juices flowing.  Once I found a card that inspired me, I got right to work.  My very reliable Silhouette did most of the work for me again today to make the base and overlay of the card.  The Silhouette also cut out the rosette.  After all of the pieces were cut out, I went through my scrap box and found a few different patterned papers that went well together.  Then I cut out 1-1/2" by 2-1/4" strips to fit on the white overlay. Once the strips were glued down I then added some green ribbon to the card.  I also added two strips of green ribbon behind the rosette to mimic the appearance of leaves.  While I like to be creative with my creations using my Silhouette to make the rosette kept it simple while, assembly was a little more of a task than I imagined it to be.  I found this to be the most difficult part of the card because all of the creases made it difficult for the rosette to stay down.  After placing four eventually spaced glue dots, I was finally successful with keeping the rosette in position.  Once the rosette stayed in its place, I then used my "Thinking of You" stamp by Sassy Salutations from Stampin UP.  Although I like the simplicity of the design, I think I will use my scoring board next time to create the rosette.  Until next time, happy carding everyone!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to School

My ever reliable and always ready Silhouette helped me create today's card.  With lots of little details I knew that with recent cards being mi shaped by poor cutting skills that it was best to leave it to a machine.  Using black and on brown overlay I created a faux chalkboard, in the age we live in I wonder about the age my children (when I have them) will grow up in.  I've seen the advancement of many technologies from white-boards to Smart Boards but the chalkboard is one that brings many memories and smiles to my face.  At the end of the last school year (seems like only yesterday) I received many gifts including a share of apples enough to make a weeks worth, more questions ponder in my head as to who/why what started the long standing tradition of giving the teacher an apple.  While this card was very simple to make, I wish that I could give one to each of my students; both new as well as returning.  On one hand it's unfortunate that I can't because well creating 450 cards would be time consuming as well as very costly, but on the other hand I appreciate everything the students do for me as a teacher.  Even if sometimes we don't see eye to eye, I know that I have touched there lives in a way they will remember for a lifetime.  Until next time, happy carding everyone!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Heat Embossed Christmas Tree

Today I went to my first Stampin Up workshop with one of my good friends.  We made 4 different cards and had a blast.  I enjoyed making all of the cards, but this is one of my favorite cards since I got to try heat embossing for the first time.  All of the pieces were cut an advanced so I don't have measurements for them.  For the Christmas tree, I used VersaMark ink to stamp the tree on the white base.  Then I spooned silver embossing powder onto the tree.  Before I heated up the embossing powder, I tapped off the extra powder.  Then I ran the heating gun back and forth until the tree became shine.  The snowflake paper is from the Stampin UP Winter Frost Specialty Desinger Series Paper.  The base card and the one overlay is the coastal cabana from Stampin UP In Color 2013-2015 Collection.  I have included the other three cards that I made today as well.  If you any questions on any of the cards, please e-mail me and I will answer any questions you might have.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Squash Fold Card

Today, I decided to step it up a notch from the previous cards this week.  After creating a few easy cards, I decided to make squash fold card.  For this card, I used my bone folder and a piece of designer paper measuring 8" by 8".  I chose to use designer paper that was double-sided since the viewer will seeboth sides when the card is opened.  After cutting out the piece of paper, I then folded it in half diagonally and used my bone folder to press the fold into place.  Then I opened the paper up and folded it once again diagonally, on the opposite side.  Then I re-opened it back up and folded it in half horizontally.  After I folded it horizontally, I opened it up and folded the center horizontal line in until the two sides met.  Once the two sides met, I pushed the folds to the center until it made a triangle in shape.  I then used my bone folder to flatten it out.  Using the top two corners, I folded them towards the center to form two small triangles and then folded both corners until they were slightly touching end-to-end.  Again, using my bone folder to flatten the fold I flipped the designer paper over and repeated what was explained in the line previous.  I had to use two hands for this step since I needed one to hold the two triangles in place and the other to flatten the fold with the bone folder.  After all of the corners are folded inward, I noticed that each corner has "legs" hanging down.  Taking one leg at a time, I opened up the leg and pushed it towards the inside of my card (repeating this step for all four corners).  Once this was completed, I pushed the card to lay it flat and once more used my bone folder to press down all of the folds.  After this part of my card was completed, I cut a piece of dark pink cardstock that measured 4-1/2" by 9".  Once the stock was cut out, I scored the longest side at 4-1/2" and folded on the scored line.  Then I cut out four different colored balloons and a happy birthday phrase using my Silhouette.  Until tomorrow, happy carding everyone!

The outside of the card.

The inside of the card.  It is not completely open in this photo, but it is hard to take the picture and hold the card open at the same time.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ahh!!! One Eyed Monsters :)

Another long day of training and life happening around me faster then I might like, lead me to another simple card for today.  As I have one more day of training and then I can put my feet up and finally relax for just a little longer, just in time for more next week!  So with an early bed time in order for tonight, I give you the "One Eyed Monsters" card.  Inspiration comes from all sorts of places, and today's card was inspired by a similar card I that I had pinned on Pinterest earlier in the week.  Now enough blabber, and let's get to the creation of the card (after all this is Renee's Remarkable Creations!!)

Using my Silhouette I first cut out two 2.5" scalloped circles with an alternating color scheme.  The key part in any card is having an effective base with an overlay to match.  Cutting the base out of orange paper for this Halloween themed card, I custom cut the paper to 7" by 10" in size.  This was proceeded by cutting out my white overlay slightly smaller in size (to 4.5" by 6.5"), to make the orange give a nice border effect on the card.  After I completed that cutting project I moved forward to the next item on the list, appendages for my monsters.  Using the Silhouette again I punched out a total of 7 word windows, using the same alternating color pattern as the scalloped circles as above I also used black paper.  The black paper word window was cut in half and attached to the bottom of the remaining word windows, to give the effect of feet.  If a monster can walk, I sure hope he can see!  My next piece to create was the eyes, using a one inch punch I made 4 one inch circles.  Just as the same as above (in case you didn't notice a pattern), I alternated the colors once more.  Then using the Silhouette I then created smaller pupils to put within the newly punched eyes.  Drawing a smile on each face, my One Eyed Monsters were now complete.  To finish of the card I used my the last of my 7 word windows I cut earlier, and stamped "Happy Halloween" on it and placed it in the lower right hand corner.  Sure is later then I expected, so until next time happy carding everyone!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stacking Rings

Today's card was quite easy again.  Some weeks everyone needs to take the easy way out so life is not so stressful.  After 3 days of training and 2 more to go this week, my brain is fried and not very creative right now.  So I decided to create a card that was inspired from Pinterest.  I created the whole card using my Silhouette Studio Design software.  First, I drew 5 rectangles and decreased there size by an 1/4" as I went up the ladder.  Then I drew a oval that was a little bigger than the bottom rectangle.  After I had those shapes drawn out, I drew one last rectangle that was the length of the stacking rings and then added on a few more inches so it would stick out above the rings.  After all of the shapes were cut out, I cut the oval in half for the bottom and rounded all of the corners of the rectangles using my Creative Memories corner punch.  Then I assembled my card and decided there was something missing so I stamped yellow stars onto the light purple overlay.  After I stamped the stars, I stamped "congratulations on your new baby" in the white part of the half oval.  Even though the card  was easy to create, it will still brighten the person's day when they receive this card.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Today I decided to make my dad's birthday card instead of waiting until the last minute like I usually do.  I used  my Silhouette to cut out all of the different pieces.  Once everything was cut out, I had to glue together the different layers.  After all of the die cuts were completed, I glued down the lake.  Before I glued down the rest of the die cuts, I used my ink dauber to make a cloud like background.  Some areas got more ink then others, but I tired to daub off the extra ink onto a separate piece before daubing it on the card.  That actually work out quite well and I think the lighter color gives it a more cloud like feeling.  After the background was done, I glued down the rest of the die cuts.  It is easy making a card for my dad since he loves fishing just as much as I do.

Monday, August 12, 2013


Unfortunately tonight was another easy card.  It was a long day of training and I am exhausted.  For this card, I used my Silhouette to cut out a white rectangle that measured 11" by 4-1/2".  Then I scored the rectangle at 5-1/2" and fold it in half using the scored line as a guide.  Once the card base was cut out, I cut out a white overlay that measured 5-1/4" by 4".  Then I punched out 25 hexagons using my Creative Memories 1-1/4" hexagon punch.  I punched out 5 hexagons of each pattern paper that I used.  I started by laying a hexagon close to the upper left-hand corner of the paper, but left a little room to put partial hexagons on each side of the whole hexagon.  Then I continued laying down more hexagons until I had a nice pattern going on.  I made sure that no two colors were next to each other.  After I had it all laid out, I went back and placed hexagons were there were any of open areas.  Some of them hung over the edge, but I cut them off after all of the hexagons were glued down.  I decided that I didn't want to glue down one hexagon so I left it in place.  I glued hexagons around the one I wasn't gluing down and later stamped "hugs" in that open area.  Lastly, I cut around the outside of the overlay so that no hexagons were hanging off the edge.  This card could be used for a few different occasions, but I will probably give it to someone that need a pick me up since it is so bright and cheer.  Happy carding everyone!

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Today was a very long day with traveling and visiting family so I made an easy card.  I used my Word Window Stampin Up Punch to make the majority of this card.  I punched 15 white word windows and 7 black word windows.  After I punched them out, I used a pre-made black card and glued the white word windows on the card.  Then I put a black word window in between every other white one.  Once the piano was completed, I cut a piece of ribbon that was a little longer than the card on each side.  Then I ran it through my Zyron and placed it so that it was covering up the extra black part of the word windows.  After I placed the purple ribbon down, I made a bow and used a Zot to keep it adhered down.  I did not put a sentiment on this card since it could be used for several different occasions.  I hope you enjoy today's easy card.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Today's card idea came from my mother.  My dad's birthday is in a few weeks so she wanted me to design her a card.  I asked if she had any ideas and this is what she came up with.  I used my Silhouette to cut out all of the pieces for this card.  After everything was cut out, it was quite easy to assemble.  I did use a technique that I saw another blogger use earlier this week.  They used vinyl for a part of their card that was more difficult to assemble.  For this card, I used black vinyl for the bees strips.  I was going to glue the strips down but I decided it was going to be much easier with vinyl and transfer paper.  The vinyl and the transfer paper work out great since it was so easy to line up the black strips with the body.  For the background, I cut out a hexagon background and used it as a stencil.  I used my ink daubers and yellow ink to color in the hexagon to make it look like a honeycomb.  Until tomorrow, happy carding everyone!!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Fox & Friends

Today's card was quite simple.  I cut out 6-2" scalloped circles using rainbow colored cardstock.  Then I cut out 6-1.5" circles using white cardstock.   After I used my Silhouette to cut out the different circles, I stamped an animal from the "Fox & Friends" Stampin Up set on each of the white cardstock circles.  I used my stamp markers to color in the animals and I tired to match them with the colored cardstock as best as I could.  Then I glued the white circle onto the corresponding colored scalloped circle.  I used my Silhouette to cut out the base of the card and the two overlays.  This card could be used for several different occasions like a new baby, baby shower, or even an invitation to a birthday party or shower.  I hope you enjoy this simple card.  Until next time, happy carding everyone.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Faux Iris Twist Technique

Today, I decided to use a new technique that I have never used before.  The Faux Iris Twist technique is similar to the Iris Twist, which involves bulky folded paper and a template, but this technique is simplified to get the same look.  This technique is a great way to get rid of some of those scraps that you have laying around from previous cards.

First, I picked out three different designer paper that go together and cut them in 1/2" by 3" strips.  I cut out the strips using my Silhouette and made sure I had four strips of each design.  Then, I cut a piece of white cardstock with my Silhouette and it measured 3-1/8" by 3-1/8" and I put a 2-1/2" circle in the middle.  I was suppose to use a punch to cut out the circle, but I didn't have a big enough punch so I used what I had.  On the back side of the white cardstock, I applied adhesive  around the edges.  Then I started with the first strip and place it diagonally in one corner so that half of the paper is showing and the other half is not.  Then I come around to the other side and line it up so that the same is showing on both sides.  I did this for the other two sides as well.  After I have placed the four strips, I applied more adhesive on the back.  Now, I grabbed the next designer paper.  I used the guide of the front so that it lines up diagonally in each corner.  I repeated this step for the other three corners.  I had to make sure that the top of each corner of the triangles are covered with the designer paper.  After those four strips are placed, I turned the cardstock over and apply more adhesive to the back.  Now, I placed the last designer paper in the other diagonal on all four sides.  I had scraps that are hanging off the edge and I just cut them off using my scissors.  Once the scraps are cut off, I stamped "hello" on a 2" by 2" paper.  After I stamped my greeting, I cut out a piece of cardstock that measures 3-3/8" by 3-3/8".  I choose a dark pink that went with one of my papers.  Since I want to create some dimension between my card and the bases, I applied adhesive on the back side of the greeting and lined it up with the center of the hole.  After I adhered down the greeting to the other piece of cardstock, I lifted up the piece that I created.  Since I wanted dimension, I put 3D foam squares on the back so that it popped up a little more than the greeting.  Then I line it up my greeting.  After I had everything adhered together, I placed it on a 4" by 4" light pink card that I cut out with Silhouette.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thank you for my first card order!

Today, I recreated a card that I made about a month ago.  The reason I recreated this card was because I was asked by my old college roommate to create 30 thank you cards for her wedding party.  This is quite an honor for me, but a task I was ever willing to take up.  I have always wanted to sell my cards, but I didn't think it would happen so soon.  The dark purple and lime green were selected based on her wedding colors.

I know I have posted the directions for this card, but I am going to post them again just in case you didn't see the previous card.  First, I had to cut a piece of white paper to size at 4" by 12" and then I scored lines  at 2", 4", 8", and 10".  This way we have a window pane of sorts, this was followed by gently bending the card in half and lining up the creases at 2" and 10" then I placed my Blossom punch by Stampin UP directly in the center of the score lines.  After that I had to cut two pieces of patterned paper to size at 2" by 4".  I glued them on each end of the white base.  After I gluing them on, I used the Blossom punch again to cut out the paper that was left hanging over.  Even though I have already created this card once before, it was still a challenge to line up the punch again (I was afraid I was going to cut some of the middle off that was needed).  Then stamping a flower for the center in lime green, I cut it out using the Blossom punch once more.  After I punched out the flower, I folded the card up and used foam squares to make the flower pop.  Upon completion of this simple steps I finished the card with "Thank you" on the forth of the card as well as in the inside of the card.  One down, only twenty-nine more to go!  For those interested, here is the video tutorial as well (

 The outside of the card.

The inside of the card.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thinking of You

Today my friends and I took advantage of a beautiful summer afternoon, and wasted the day away at the beach.  Soaking up the sun and conditioning my arm with tossing a Frisbee around, it's quite amazing how the great outdoors can wear you down.  Because the bulk of my day was spent outside, and I found myself napping the afternoon away; I awoke with dinner left unprepared and a card yet to be made.  Thus tonight's card was more simple then some of the extravagant creations I've been making the last few days.  Using my Silhouette to cut out the base of the card and the two overlays, when the Silhouette finished cutting the pieces I was able to start the next step.  Gluing the purple and white overlay together, I left about 1/4" on each side so that the purple could give the card a color blast.  After the two pieces were glued together, I used a flower from the "Flower Shop" Stampin Up stamp set.  Evenly placing three flower stamps on the card I then stamped "Thinking of You" from the "Sassy Salutations" set.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Three Fold Fun Card

Today, I was asked if I would make some "Thank You" cards for an old college roommates wedding party.  So I decided to make a card that she might find neat, as I progressed it turned into a birthday card since I don't know what her exact idea is yet.  As I also know some people who are having birthdays in the next month, I decided that I would create a card for them.  This card is called the "Three Fold Fun Card," while I don't have the exact tools that were used in the tutorial to create this card.  I did what any creative individual would do and improvised using what I already have combined with my Silhouette.  Firstly, I drew out a rectangle that was 11" by 4.25" using my Silhouette Design Studio program.  After I drew out the rectangle, I located 8.5" and then I used my ruler to draw a straight line.  Then I drew a 2 3/8" circle, making sure that it was placed in the middle of the line that I had drawn.  Once my card was cut out, I used my scoring board and scored lines at 4" and 8.5".  I then folded at the 4" line followed by the line at 8.5".  Thus giving me me three folds as shown in the last picture.  After deciding that I wanted to do a little something extra on the smaller flap before I finished up my card, I used the polka dot embossing folder to emboss the area.  After it was folded and embossed, I cut out a square that was 4" by 4" on a designer paper that I thought went well with purple.  I glued the square onto the first flap that, and then I used my Silhouette to cut a 2.375" scalloped circle.  Keeping the last fold placed down and opening up the second to assure that the scalloped circle is placed perfectly in the middle of the circle so that when you close the flap, you see all of the scallops on the circle.  I cut out a 1 3/4" circle to place in the middle of the scalloped circle and used the "Think Happy Thoughts" Stampin Up Stamp set to place "Happy Birthday."  Cutting out a cupcake using my Silhouette, I embossed the frosting with stars and then used my scoring board to score the lines in the cupcake wrappers to give more of a pop.  I used a 3D adhesive dot to hold the cupcake in place, the dot needs to be placed at the bottom of the cupcake so that it holds the card shut.   When the card is fully open, you can write a little message to the person that you are giving it to.  The more complicated these designs become, the more fun I am having with the challenge of creating something different.  Until next time, happy carding everyone!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Halloween

Although Halloween is months away I had an idea floating around in my head and when a friend told me that they put out the Halloween candy at his work I knew that it was meant to be.  Incorporating ideas from previous cards with a bit of my own flair, I was able to create this card with Halloween colors in mind.  The first and easiest step was cutting the "Happy Halloween" text on a solid white overlay, this was easy because really my Silhouette did all the work. Upon completion of cutting, I ran the overlay through my Zyron machine to put adhesive down for the next step.Using orange and black strips sized at .5" wide by 11" long I laid them diagonally across the side of the overlay I had put through the Zyron.  With my scissors, I cut off any excess paper that was left just in case I needed it for the rest of the card.  After all the strips were in place an all excess paper was removed, I then used an x-acto craft knife to fine tune the corners of the letters both inside and out.  This step proved both tedious and tricky because I have been so spoiled to the beautiful cutting job of a Silhouette, I found it really gave me a good challenge.  While the corners and insides may not be perfect, I believe that the final result was similar to that of carving up a jack-o'-lantern as the edges will never be perfect.

Using a custom cut black base card, I then cut a slightly smaller overlay with my Silhouette.  Again running the overlay through the Zyron I then followed the the same technique as described above.  This time my strips were 12" in length and 1" thick.  I picked up both Halloween themed papers at various rummage sales over the last month and was very happy to put them to use today.  After all strips were in place, I again use my scissors to trim the excess, and then using a gluestick I affixed the final product to the black card.  I then used foam squares to attach the text and give it the extra pop against the background.  So to everyone reading, I wish you HAPPY EARLY HALLOWEEN and until next time happy carding! :)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Thank You!

With much to do on a busy Saturday full of plenty of family and friends, I decided to create a simple card today.  Cutting a white overlay which was half an inch smaller on each side then my pre-made card, I was able to have a natural border.  Once the overlay was in place, I punched out four flowers with four different colors, using softer colors helped make them pop against the starkness of my white overlay.  Using a simple vertical placement of the flowers on the card, I then pulled out my "Thank You" stamp and grabbed four stamp markers similar in color to my flowers.  Stamping the colors in the opposite color pattern of the flowers I brought the card together as a whole.  While I did a "Thank You" card yesterday and have done countless variations through the last two months, I believe that one can never have too many thank you cards.  Life presents us with all different kinds of opportunities to thank someone, so thus too many cards is not bad at all.  Enjoy your Saturday and happy carding everyone! :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Thank you!

Using a custom cut 1" by 12" piece of rainbow paper, I was able to create a neat rosette for today's card. Using my scoring board I proceeded to mark the paper every half inch, and then flipped the paper over and scored every quarter of an inch (making sure not to overlap with my other marks).  Alternating with my folding, I used the score lines as my guide, when I was finished a perfect accordion took shape.  Bringing the two ends together and placing adhesive on one end to attach the other now shows a rosette taking shape.  Taking my one inch circle punch, I then placed glue on one side of the paper.  Now with the rosette pushing the sides together to create almost a circle fan in shape, I pushed the rosette down onto the glue side of my circle.  Holding it in place on top of the circle seems like a waste of time, but after a minute the rosette was finished.  Flipping over, I was now given a perfect ridged rosette and a center stone of sorts to go with.

My card stock for this design was cut custom double size with my Silhouette, after cutting the base I ran my paper through the Zyron machine to add adhesive to the entire sheet.  Then using three different colors of paper I cut seven individual strips, in an alternating pattern I placed them over my base card.  I didn't bother with perfection, as once all pieces were in place I used my scissors to cut off the excess overhang on the card.  Leaving a neat pattern with sharp lines giving great direction and flow to the card.  After this was complete I used a deep purple ribbon and ran it the length of the card 2/3's of the way down.  Once this was in place I was able to position my rosette in the bottom left corner.  Using my word window punch, I created a spot for a little text to the right side of the rosette.  Stamping thank you on an off white piece of paper, the card was now nearly finished.  Using the other piece of base paper that was left with, I then proceeded to attach my card to this nice dark base.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Xylophone Card

Today was a long day, so a simple card was in order.  Using what seemed like a rainbow of colors I made a xylophone card.  Using my Silhoutte I cut out the keys from five different colors (all scrapped from previous creations), I opted for no yellow as I felt it would take away from the brads affixed to each key.  I placed the brads in the key using the punch on my Crop-a-Dile.  Using adhesive I then laid out my keys on the white base from largest to smallest, just as you would find on a real xylophone.  With a small gap no more then 1/4 of an inch between each key the instrument was nearly finished.  I then added a mallet laying over the keys, make sure to use the color opposite the key I laid it across.  This way it helped make the mallet pop more against the many colors of the background.  I then stamped "happy birthday in the right hand corner of the card.  Finishing off the card I affixed a black card stock background, which gave a nice solid POP to this easy card.