Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Halloween

Although Halloween is months away I had an idea floating around in my head and when a friend told me that they put out the Halloween candy at his work I knew that it was meant to be.  Incorporating ideas from previous cards with a bit of my own flair, I was able to create this card with Halloween colors in mind.  The first and easiest step was cutting the "Happy Halloween" text on a solid white overlay, this was easy because really my Silhouette did all the work. Upon completion of cutting, I ran the overlay through my Zyron machine to put adhesive down for the next step.Using orange and black strips sized at .5" wide by 11" long I laid them diagonally across the side of the overlay I had put through the Zyron.  With my scissors, I cut off any excess paper that was left just in case I needed it for the rest of the card.  After all the strips were in place an all excess paper was removed, I then used an x-acto craft knife to fine tune the corners of the letters both inside and out.  This step proved both tedious and tricky because I have been so spoiled to the beautiful cutting job of a Silhouette, I found it really gave me a good challenge.  While the corners and insides may not be perfect, I believe that the final result was similar to that of carving up a jack-o'-lantern as the edges will never be perfect.

Using a custom cut black base card, I then cut a slightly smaller overlay with my Silhouette.  Again running the overlay through the Zyron I then followed the the same technique as described above.  This time my strips were 12" in length and 1" thick.  I picked up both Halloween themed papers at various rummage sales over the last month and was very happy to put them to use today.  After all strips were in place, I again use my scissors to trim the excess, and then using a gluestick I affixed the final product to the black card.  I then used foam squares to attach the text and give it the extra pop against the background.  So to everyone reading, I wish you HAPPY EARLY HALLOWEEN and until next time happy carding! :)

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