Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stacking Rings

Today's card was quite easy again.  Some weeks everyone needs to take the easy way out so life is not so stressful.  After 3 days of training and 2 more to go this week, my brain is fried and not very creative right now.  So I decided to create a card that was inspired from Pinterest.  I created the whole card using my Silhouette Studio Design software.  First, I drew 5 rectangles and decreased there size by an 1/4" as I went up the ladder.  Then I drew a oval that was a little bigger than the bottom rectangle.  After I had those shapes drawn out, I drew one last rectangle that was the length of the stacking rings and then added on a few more inches so it would stick out above the rings.  After all of the shapes were cut out, I cut the oval in half for the bottom and rounded all of the corners of the rectangles using my Creative Memories corner punch.  Then I assembled my card and decided there was something missing so I stamped yellow stars onto the light purple overlay.  After I stamped the stars, I stamped "congratulations on your new baby" in the white part of the half oval.  Even though the card  was easy to create, it will still brighten the person's day when they receive this card.

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