Monday, August 5, 2013

Three Fold Fun Card

Today, I was asked if I would make some "Thank You" cards for an old college roommates wedding party.  So I decided to make a card that she might find neat, as I progressed it turned into a birthday card since I don't know what her exact idea is yet.  As I also know some people who are having birthdays in the next month, I decided that I would create a card for them.  This card is called the "Three Fold Fun Card," while I don't have the exact tools that were used in the tutorial to create this card.  I did what any creative individual would do and improvised using what I already have combined with my Silhouette.  Firstly, I drew out a rectangle that was 11" by 4.25" using my Silhouette Design Studio program.  After I drew out the rectangle, I located 8.5" and then I used my ruler to draw a straight line.  Then I drew a 2 3/8" circle, making sure that it was placed in the middle of the line that I had drawn.  Once my card was cut out, I used my scoring board and scored lines at 4" and 8.5".  I then folded at the 4" line followed by the line at 8.5".  Thus giving me me three folds as shown in the last picture.  After deciding that I wanted to do a little something extra on the smaller flap before I finished up my card, I used the polka dot embossing folder to emboss the area.  After it was folded and embossed, I cut out a square that was 4" by 4" on a designer paper that I thought went well with purple.  I glued the square onto the first flap that, and then I used my Silhouette to cut a 2.375" scalloped circle.  Keeping the last fold placed down and opening up the second to assure that the scalloped circle is placed perfectly in the middle of the circle so that when you close the flap, you see all of the scallops on the circle.  I cut out a 1 3/4" circle to place in the middle of the scalloped circle and used the "Think Happy Thoughts" Stampin Up Stamp set to place "Happy Birthday."  Cutting out a cupcake using my Silhouette, I embossed the frosting with stars and then used my scoring board to score the lines in the cupcake wrappers to give more of a pop.  I used a 3D adhesive dot to hold the cupcake in place, the dot needs to be placed at the bottom of the cupcake so that it holds the card shut.   When the card is fully open, you can write a little message to the person that you are giving it to.  The more complicated these designs become, the more fun I am having with the challenge of creating something different.  Until next time, happy carding everyone!

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