Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thank you for my first card order!

Today, I recreated a card that I made about a month ago.  The reason I recreated this card was because I was asked by my old college roommate to create 30 thank you cards for her wedding party.  This is quite an honor for me, but a task I was ever willing to take up.  I have always wanted to sell my cards, but I didn't think it would happen so soon.  The dark purple and lime green were selected based on her wedding colors.

I know I have posted the directions for this card, but I am going to post them again just in case you didn't see the previous card.  First, I had to cut a piece of white paper to size at 4" by 12" and then I scored lines  at 2", 4", 8", and 10".  This way we have a window pane of sorts, this was followed by gently bending the card in half and lining up the creases at 2" and 10" then I placed my Blossom punch by Stampin UP directly in the center of the score lines.  After that I had to cut two pieces of patterned paper to size at 2" by 4".  I glued them on each end of the white base.  After I gluing them on, I used the Blossom punch again to cut out the paper that was left hanging over.  Even though I have already created this card once before, it was still a challenge to line up the punch again (I was afraid I was going to cut some of the middle off that was needed).  Then stamping a flower for the center in lime green, I cut it out using the Blossom punch once more.  After I punched out the flower, I folded the card up and used foam squares to make the flower pop.  Upon completion of this simple steps I finished the card with "Thank you" on the forth of the card as well as in the inside of the card.  One down, only twenty-nine more to go!  For those interested, here is the video tutorial as well (

 The outside of the card.

The inside of the card.

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