Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thank You!

On yet another seasonally warm summer day, my fiance and I paid a visit to his parents house to assist in fixing his father's car.  While the boys played outside, my future mother-in-law and I hung out inside enjoying every bit of air conditioning that we could get.  So while the bulk of the day was spent inside, the afternoon hours grew into early evening I knew another simple card was in order.  Recently I have been on a Pinterest kick finding all sorts of cool ideas to base my cards off of.  It is a way to make things easier when someone else's creative gets my hamster wheel turning.  Time to explain how I made tonight's creation.

Since I was feeling lazy after spending the day away from home, I decided to go with a per-cut card.  Using my Mosaic punch, I punched out four colored designer paper ornaments.  Now using a solid color paper, I then used my Bitty Butterfly punch.  Once the butterflies took shape I used glue dots and placed them in the center of my multi-color ornaments.  Then I attached the finished pieces to my base card evenly spacing them on the bottom in no particular order.  To wrap up the card, I stamped "thank you" above the ornaments on the right side.  I could have tied this card together with ribbon and bow, but I took the easy way out and now have a finished creation.  Weather it is remarkable or not it is much like art "it in the eye of the beholder."  Until next time, happy carding everyone!

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