Sunday, September 1, 2013

You O'fishally Stole my Heart!

I spent most of my day cutting and punching out different pieces for the "Thank You" cards that were ordered in August.  All of the pieces are ready to for assembling tomorrow.  After the biggest workout my hands have had in a long while, I decided that my Silhouette would have to do a bulk of the work required for making my card tonight.  Enough excuses, let's get to tonight's creation!

Using inspiration I found an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic or in dummy terms a file that I was able to arrange to fit the dimensions I had in mind).  Because my fiancee and I discussed going fishing tomorrow as the last thing we do before school starts on Tuesday, I decided that this would be perfect to turn into a card.  Using my Silhouette Design Studio, I mirrored the bottom layer of my fishbowl above the original image and then welded the two images together.  I then put the fishbowl together on my screen and added in the fish and phrase.  This helped me get them to the right size (thus the SVG) so they were not too big or too small for my card.  Once the fish and phrase were in place, I added in the pebbles and grass.  After my card was designed, it was time to cut it out and layer the pieces all over again.  Even though this card has a lot of different layers, it wasn't that hard to put it together with a satisfaction almost like putting the last pieces into a puzzle.  The phrase was the most challenging piece of the card since some the words were very fragile due to be a thin cut.  I could have used a few more pebbles, but there is always going to be room for improvement on every card.   This card would be great for Valentine's day or save the date cards for our wedding.  It would fit our theme perfectly.  Until next time, happy carding everyone.

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