Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Today was blistering, record breaking heat across the state caused for many unhappy students as well as unhappy teachers at school.  As the building I teach in is out of date, unfortunately the amenities such as air conditioning do not exist; and we are left to bake like cookies for Christmas.  Ohh a September snowfall sounds wonderful right about now, minus all the traffic and other issues associated with it (just the cold will do for me).  As if the heat wasn't enough, my fiance made me run in the scorching heat after he got home from work.  Alas nothing a good shower can't wash away, after teaching and running all day I was left burnt not only by the sun but the physical activity today gave me.  A quick simple card was in store, but as you will find from reading this blog, it was more then I had bargained for!

I decided to go with a pre-made card since I am trying to use them up.  I don't really need them when I can custom cut my own, but at the same time I don't want them to go to waste.  After I picked the color of my pre-made card, I picked out the other elements for my card.  I chose three colors that went well together and then found a lighter shade of the colors.  I then punched out six different colored flowers and once they were completed I added rhinestones to the middle.  I then cut out my overlway, when this was completed I embossed it to make it pop more.  Then adding some ribbon to the card,  I thought about adding a bow.  Unfortunately the bow didn't turn out the way I wanted so I decided against it and will save it for another day.  Once the ribbon was in place, I glued the flowers onto the card trying to keep them equally spaced in distance from one another.  I then glued the base onto the overlay and my card was almost complete.  I used the Friendly Phrase set to stamp "WOW you're the best." but just when I thought I was done, it appeared that I had stamped the phrase upside down.  So I had to remove the overlay from the card with extra care so it wouldn't rip.  Finally getting out another I glued the overlay back on.  This time I doubled checked to make sure the stamp was facing the right direction and thus the card was complete.  Until next time, happy carding everyone!

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