Sunday, September 8, 2013


Although Christmas is three and a half months away, it is never to early to start working on Christmas cards for family and friends.  Each year I have to mail out about 50 to 60 cards plus make ones for the gifts that we give out.  So I have a lot of cards to make and waiting until the last minute just doesn't work that well.  It's more stressful and my creativity meter goes way down, leaving no fun for me.  I've decided to start early so that I will have lots of different designs to mail out (maybe each person will have their own remarkable creation).  Enough about how many cards I need to mail out and onto the creation portion of this evenings card.

Since my card from last was quite simple, I decided to use a new technique that I found on Pinterest.  Getting the most boring part of the creation out the of the way (cutting out the base and overlay), I then picked out an embossing folder that went along with my Christmas theme.  I wanted to give the overlay a little dimension so I added light blue ink to the side that the embossing popped off the page.  After the folder was inked, I placed the white overlay on top of the ink and closed the folder.  I then ran it through my Cuttlebug to emboss the paper and put the ink on the embossing at the same time.  Once that was complete, I put that overlay to the side so it could dry while I created my penguins.  Using my Silhouette, I cut out the different layers for these cute birds that are perfect for the Christmas theme.  Once all the layers were cut out, I used a glue stick to adhere them.  After my penguins were put together, I attached the overlay to the base of my card and then placed the penguins on after that.  The technique I used tonight didn't come out exactly like I had envisioned it, but that is what the experience is for.  Of course repetition will also help me master this technique and in time I may become perfect at it.  Stay cool/warm wherever you are reading this from, until next time happy carding everyone!

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