Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy Birthday to Whomever

Although my birthday is just over a week away, I had many of my friends and family over to celebrate early as conflicting schedules kept everyone from being with me on my birthday.  As an equal opportunity celebration for all, I received numerous gifts with many inside jokes included.  But the biggest and best gift of all was having everyone here to celebrate, I am very people orientated and was glad all could attend.  As the afternoon grew to evening and the evening turned to night, I nearly forgot about creating a card for today (thanks Chris for reminding me constantly throughout the day)!  While we played card games into the night, eventually all except for one friend remained and I was left to do tonight's creation.  I was suggested a few different ideas, but ultimately decided to go my own route as it was much easier and simpler then the designs I found on Pinterest that I was suggested.  Enough chatter of the nights events and now onto the skinny of how tonight's simplistic card was created.

The yellow base was from a collection I purchased previously for Christmas cards, which while we are still seemingly forever away from the holidays: the reality is, we are less then four months from Christmas.  I've found that many of these pre-cut bases are beneficial to me as it is less work to create them this way.  Yellow was not so much an obvious choice but I felt that a bright base was needed to help draw attention to the rest of the elements.  Using a star punch from Creative Memories I punched four 1" stars to put in a column on the left side of the card.  Each with a new color, I then used a stamp from the Well Scripted collection (now retired from production).  Keeping the color pattern with the stamps as I did the stars, I placed each to the right of the star to match the color scheme.  Thus as simple as it is, this is tonight's creation; a late night of good times with good people.  Until next time, happy carding everyone!

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