Thursday, September 12, 2013

Butterfly Friendship

After having a few days that were unbearably warm in my classroom without air conditioning.  It has finally cooled down to the point where having 25 students in my classroom, doesn't cause to me to feel like I am going to overheat.  With the temperature being cooler, teachers and students are not as crabby, but all the same at the end of a day we are still all very tired.  Being overly tired today meant for yet another simple creation for this evening.

Using my ever ready Silhouette I cut four custom sized strips, each a slightly different shade of pink.  I then used my sketch pen (of a different shade of pink) to sketch the word "friend" onto one of the sheets.  I had to make sure to use a shade of pink slightly darker then the paper, as to make the word jump off the paper.  Upon placing my strips on the card, I found that I had over sized them and so using my trimmer I cut just enough to give a nice white border on all sides of each one.  Going with a pattern I then placed the strips in order from darkest to lightest, as this was a more gentle flow for one's eyes as they look down the card.  I then decided to added some butterflies to the card using the Elegant Butterfly and Bitty Butterfly punch to give some extra detail.  The next step was to create a flow opposite to the strips, so I placed the butterflies lightest to darkest. This was followed up by choosing a smaller butterfly that fit well with both shades of pink to overlay on top of the larger one.  Once all of the components were completed, I sat back struck by the simplicity of tonight's creation.  Even though today's card was inspired from Pinterest, it came out way different then the sample I used for inspiration.  This is very similar to a butterfly as when it is still a caterpillar, often times they turn into something much more beautiful afterwords.  Until next time, happy carding everyone!

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