Friday, September 6, 2013

One (100) Hundred!

It's official, I have officially created a new card daily for the last 100 days of my life.  While this accomplishment is an uplifting moment in my card creation life, I also realize that many people have helped me on this journey.  My friend Jessica, who helped come up with the idea of doing a card for a year.  My fiancee, who has endured many tireless nights with me crawling to bed much later then expected.  As well as my best friend Chris, who many a times has helped me edit my blogs (on such tireless nights where sometimes what I write doesn't really make sense).  Without these people and the countless others in my life who have been with me during the journey over the last 100 days, I'm not entirely sure where I would be with this project.  All things considered I've reached a milestone, and to celebrate that milestone I am dedicating this card to all those (listed and unlisted) who have helped me with my cards over the last 100 days!

When I think of characters who are good friends, the first two people I think of are Pooh and Piglet, growing up they were the best of friends.  Now before you jump to the conclusion that I am comparing my friends to characters from a book, no I am not but rather just the friendship they have.  With my creative juices coursing through my veins I took my owl punch and decided to use it to create Pooh.  Using red and yellow I punched a total of three owls to create Pooh, he required a little bit more attention to detail as his outfit needed to be placed in just the right spot or else my red would overhang like a beer gut (and we all know that Pooh doesn't drink!  An extra owl punch was used for his head (complete with ears!), and to add in the finer details I used a fine tip Sharpie to draw them on.  Using my word windows I was able to create arms and legs for him, while they are not the most perfect appendages I feel that they fit the simplistic feel for tonight's creation.  Repeating the process with a new color scheme for Piglet, I found that my biggest challenge for him came in the form of ears.  So instead of attempting to make them freehand with a pair of scissors, I used my Silhouette to trim out to even/perfectly shaped lobes.  Drawing in his smile/eyes and lines on his shirt (just like Pooh) with my Sharpie another remarkable creation took shape.

Once the two most important pieces of the card were completed, I custom cut my base and overlay.  I decided to get a bit creative and embossed the overlay with clouds.  Just to make the paper pop and give a bit of depth to my 2-D creations, this was followed up by a creative word window cut with my Silhouette.  Inside the box I put forth my dedication stamp for my friends who've helped me on this journey "A friend is someone who makes it easy," so thank you to all that have supported me and I hope to collect more followers as the days go by!  I can't wait to see what the next 100 days hold but until next time, happy carding everyone!

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