Monday, September 2, 2013

School tomorrow!

Today was a very productive day, with a very busy week ahead I accomplished a lot.  Firstly I got my apartment cleaned, and I also completed a total of 30 cards (an order from a friend I received last month).  With what seemed like all the free time in the world, I was able to complete and submit my lesson plans for the week.  Unfortunately, our plan of going fishing didn't happen because I made the most of the day.  Enough excuses about why I was unable to enjoy my last day of freedom, let's talk about this evenings creation.

The school year official kicks off tomorrow so in honor of teachers everywhere, I decided to make a pencil card.  Using my Silhouette and the included software, I created this adorable over sized pencil.  Just like last night, I had to weld all of the different pieces together and then mirror the image.  Adding another pencil to my mat, I cut out the different pieces of the pencil since the first pencil was already put together.  Once the Silhouette was done with its cutting, it was time for me to glue on the different pieces.  For the gray piece of paper, I scored it every 1/4" to give it the appearance of the metal on a regular pencil.  Creating the pencil was quite easy tonight even though it could have been a little bit bigger though.  It will still work great for a positive note to one of my students this year.  As it's only fair, I think making more is in store so that every student gets a positive note sometime throughout the school year.  Until next time, happy carding everyone!

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