Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Deepest Sympathy

In time of sympathy words sometimes escape us, and so this is why we give sappy cards. Not to speak ill of those who have lost or those who have passed but I find that a sympathy card is one of the hardest cards to make.  Thankfully I have not lost many people in my life, but as a matter of fact it happens and cards are required.  Upon returning to school I was informed that one of the teachers I taught with during my first year lost her son in a motorcycle accident, a terrible tragedy and loss for her as he was still quite young.  As a dedication to her, I am planning on giving this card to her out of my condolences for her loss.

Tonight's card was cut out with the Silhouette it really looks bare, without any leaves (very similar to what we will see around these parts soon enough) but to add a bit of flavor I added butterflies.  They were punched with my Bitty Butterfly Punch, and then using my Simply Scored Board (an early birthday present from mom) I scored lines on both sides of the torso of the butterflies.  This helped give them a more 3-D appearance when I attached them to the card with glue dots, glue dots are best for something this small as adhesive requires a lot of attention to detail and a simple dot of glue really makes it easy.  When it comes to sympathy cards, as explained in previous blogs it's best to use softer colors.  This is very much like painting a baby room light blue or an off shade of pink, as a creative individual I choose these colors to please ones eyes.  Keeping a calm mood through out the card, to keep the viewer at ease with the situation that is being acknowledged through this card.  Thus why I chose a light pink base with a white overlay, I also made my butterflies a variety of shades including; light green, light blue, and light purple.  I topped this card with my "with sympathy" stamp in a light pink to match the underlay.

So even though a somber mood is associated with this card I hope that the recipient enjoys the peaceful tranquility, and can remember the positives of the loss of her son.  Until next time, happy carding everyone.

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