Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ahh!!! One Eyed Monsters :)

Another long day of training and life happening around me faster then I might like, lead me to another simple card for today.  As I have one more day of training and then I can put my feet up and finally relax for just a little longer, just in time for more next week!  So with an early bed time in order for tonight, I give you the "One Eyed Monsters" card.  Inspiration comes from all sorts of places, and today's card was inspired by a similar card I that I had pinned on Pinterest earlier in the week.  Now enough blabber, and let's get to the creation of the card (after all this is Renee's Remarkable Creations!!)

Using my Silhouette I first cut out two 2.5" scalloped circles with an alternating color scheme.  The key part in any card is having an effective base with an overlay to match.  Cutting the base out of orange paper for this Halloween themed card, I custom cut the paper to 7" by 10" in size.  This was proceeded by cutting out my white overlay slightly smaller in size (to 4.5" by 6.5"), to make the orange give a nice border effect on the card.  After I completed that cutting project I moved forward to the next item on the list, appendages for my monsters.  Using the Silhouette again I punched out a total of 7 word windows, using the same alternating color pattern as the scalloped circles as above I also used black paper.  The black paper word window was cut in half and attached to the bottom of the remaining word windows, to give the effect of feet.  If a monster can walk, I sure hope he can see!  My next piece to create was the eyes, using a one inch punch I made 4 one inch circles.  Just as the same as above (in case you didn't notice a pattern), I alternated the colors once more.  Then using the Silhouette I then created smaller pupils to put within the newly punched eyes.  Drawing a smile on each face, my One Eyed Monsters were now complete.  To finish of the card I used my the last of my 7 word windows I cut earlier, and stamped "Happy Halloween" on it and placed it in the lower right hand corner.  Sure is later then I expected, so until next time happy carding everyone!

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