Friday, August 2, 2013

Thank you!

Using a custom cut 1" by 12" piece of rainbow paper, I was able to create a neat rosette for today's card. Using my scoring board I proceeded to mark the paper every half inch, and then flipped the paper over and scored every quarter of an inch (making sure not to overlap with my other marks).  Alternating with my folding, I used the score lines as my guide, when I was finished a perfect accordion took shape.  Bringing the two ends together and placing adhesive on one end to attach the other now shows a rosette taking shape.  Taking my one inch circle punch, I then placed glue on one side of the paper.  Now with the rosette pushing the sides together to create almost a circle fan in shape, I pushed the rosette down onto the glue side of my circle.  Holding it in place on top of the circle seems like a waste of time, but after a minute the rosette was finished.  Flipping over, I was now given a perfect ridged rosette and a center stone of sorts to go with.

My card stock for this design was cut custom double size with my Silhouette, after cutting the base I ran my paper through the Zyron machine to add adhesive to the entire sheet.  Then using three different colors of paper I cut seven individual strips, in an alternating pattern I placed them over my base card.  I didn't bother with perfection, as once all pieces were in place I used my scissors to cut off the excess overhang on the card.  Leaving a neat pattern with sharp lines giving great direction and flow to the card.  After this was complete I used a deep purple ribbon and ran it the length of the card 2/3's of the way down.  Once this was in place I was able to position my rosette in the bottom left corner.  Using my word window punch, I created a spot for a little text to the right side of the rosette.  Stamping thank you on an off white piece of paper, the card was now nearly finished.  Using the other piece of base paper that was left with, I then proceeded to attach my card to this nice dark base.

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