Friday, August 16, 2013

Squash Fold Card

Today, I decided to step it up a notch from the previous cards this week.  After creating a few easy cards, I decided to make squash fold card.  For this card, I used my bone folder and a piece of designer paper measuring 8" by 8".  I chose to use designer paper that was double-sided since the viewer will seeboth sides when the card is opened.  After cutting out the piece of paper, I then folded it in half diagonally and used my bone folder to press the fold into place.  Then I opened the paper up and folded it once again diagonally, on the opposite side.  Then I re-opened it back up and folded it in half horizontally.  After I folded it horizontally, I opened it up and folded the center horizontal line in until the two sides met.  Once the two sides met, I pushed the folds to the center until it made a triangle in shape.  I then used my bone folder to flatten it out.  Using the top two corners, I folded them towards the center to form two small triangles and then folded both corners until they were slightly touching end-to-end.  Again, using my bone folder to flatten the fold I flipped the designer paper over and repeated what was explained in the line previous.  I had to use two hands for this step since I needed one to hold the two triangles in place and the other to flatten the fold with the bone folder.  After all of the corners are folded inward, I noticed that each corner has "legs" hanging down.  Taking one leg at a time, I opened up the leg and pushed it towards the inside of my card (repeating this step for all four corners).  Once this was completed, I pushed the card to lay it flat and once more used my bone folder to press down all of the folds.  After this part of my card was completed, I cut a piece of dark pink cardstock that measured 4-1/2" by 9".  Once the stock was cut out, I scored the longest side at 4-1/2" and folded on the scored line.  Then I cut out four different colored balloons and a happy birthday phrase using my Silhouette.  Until tomorrow, happy carding everyone!

The outside of the card.

The inside of the card.  It is not completely open in this photo, but it is hard to take the picture and hold the card open at the same time.

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