Thursday, August 8, 2013

Faux Iris Twist Technique

Today, I decided to use a new technique that I have never used before.  The Faux Iris Twist technique is similar to the Iris Twist, which involves bulky folded paper and a template, but this technique is simplified to get the same look.  This technique is a great way to get rid of some of those scraps that you have laying around from previous cards.

First, I picked out three different designer paper that go together and cut them in 1/2" by 3" strips.  I cut out the strips using my Silhouette and made sure I had four strips of each design.  Then, I cut a piece of white cardstock with my Silhouette and it measured 3-1/8" by 3-1/8" and I put a 2-1/2" circle in the middle.  I was suppose to use a punch to cut out the circle, but I didn't have a big enough punch so I used what I had.  On the back side of the white cardstock, I applied adhesive  around the edges.  Then I started with the first strip and place it diagonally in one corner so that half of the paper is showing and the other half is not.  Then I come around to the other side and line it up so that the same is showing on both sides.  I did this for the other two sides as well.  After I have placed the four strips, I applied more adhesive on the back.  Now, I grabbed the next designer paper.  I used the guide of the front so that it lines up diagonally in each corner.  I repeated this step for the other three corners.  I had to make sure that the top of each corner of the triangles are covered with the designer paper.  After those four strips are placed, I turned the cardstock over and apply more adhesive to the back.  Now, I placed the last designer paper in the other diagonal on all four sides.  I had scraps that are hanging off the edge and I just cut them off using my scissors.  Once the scraps are cut off, I stamped "hello" on a 2" by 2" paper.  After I stamped my greeting, I cut out a piece of cardstock that measures 3-3/8" by 3-3/8".  I choose a dark pink that went with one of my papers.  Since I want to create some dimension between my card and the bases, I applied adhesive on the back side of the greeting and lined it up with the center of the hole.  After I adhered down the greeting to the other piece of cardstock, I lifted up the piece that I created.  Since I wanted dimension, I put 3D foam squares on the back so that it popped up a little more than the greeting.  Then I line it up my greeting.  After I had everything adhered together, I placed it on a 4" by 4" light pink card that I cut out with Silhouette.

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