Sunday, August 11, 2013


Today was a very long day with traveling and visiting family so I made an easy card.  I used my Word Window Stampin Up Punch to make the majority of this card.  I punched 15 white word windows and 7 black word windows.  After I punched them out, I used a pre-made black card and glued the white word windows on the card.  Then I put a black word window in between every other white one.  Once the piano was completed, I cut a piece of ribbon that was a little longer than the card on each side.  Then I ran it through my Zyron and placed it so that it was covering up the extra black part of the word windows.  After I placed the purple ribbon down, I made a bow and used a Zot to keep it adhered down.  I did not put a sentiment on this card since it could be used for several different occasions.  I hope you enjoy today's easy card.

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