Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thank You Card

Today I awoke early for a rummage sale to pick up some items I had seen advertised online for a real bargain.  Unfortunately by the time I had arrived (when the sale was supposed to start) there were plenty of people who had put there hands all over it.  I didn't leave empty handed, but I was feeling slightly disappointed in myself for not getting the items I wanted.  Alas rain on the way home, my spirits were crushed for the hopes of going to the water park for a second day in a row seemed to be doomed.  The closer I got to home, the better the weather became and eventually the sun came out and I was able to spend the afternoon getting a burn and enjoying some waves.

But being at the water park all day, I found myself very burnt in both ways as a sunburn and physically drained.  After a late night grocery shopping combined with a late dinner, I decided on a design I'd seen executed via another fellow carder.  My take on this design was instead of stamping on three separate layers attached to one card, I used my Silhouette Sketch Pens to draw the design on three different panels of paper.  Once they were completed, I used the Silhouette again to cut out a backing border of a darker color to compliment the sketches.  The final product resulted in a "three layered stamping card" with simple text in the middle.  I feel that the the borders as well as the sketches complete this very effectively, drawing the viewers eyes to the center of the card.

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