Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sympathy Card

Sympathy cards are always a hard card to give, because whether you knew the person directly or they were just an acquaintance there will be emotions regardless.  Soft colors often are best for emotional times as they are easy on the eyes and overwhelming, so I went with a pre-made card that was purple in color.  While the purple was okay, as a stand alone it was a bit obtrusive so I added in a white inlay to create a thin purple border.  I found the floral design online from the Silhouette Studio Online Store, keeping again with the subtle hues with just enough green to give it life.  I placed the tip of the flower in the upper right hand corner allowing the natural curve of the stem to draw a line of site through the card.  Ending at the letter S, the natural choice for a fond on this card was one with a nice curvature to keep with the theme.  Using a clear mount stamp, the letters were placed on the bottom of the card leaving enough of a gap to keep the white and purple in check.

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