Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Celebration Card

Today is the summer equinox also known as the longest day of the year!  While my friend Chris and I had planned to go to a water park and enjoy the beautiful summer weather, Mother Nature had other plans.  She gave us rain this morning followed by more rain into the afternoon, by the time Chris arrived coming from Madison the rain had stopped.  We made a decision that based on the fact that there was still the chance for severe storms, we would take a literal rain check for the park.  Unfortunately as the afternoon progressed the rain stayed away, and instead of enjoying a humid summer afternoon we spent hours with my mother.  In celebration of the first day of summer, I created a design with my ever ready Silhouette.  Including some of the summertime's most enjoyed elements, I put sunshine, water, and a hammock; as these all remind me of relaxing on summer afternoons when the sun actually shines!  But with the great glory that we are given by the first day of summer, we must also remember this is the beginning of the end; as from this day forth the days only get shorter.  Then we wait until the first day of winter (6 months from today) and the countdown from summer begins all over again.

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