Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy Birthday!

As far back as I can remember I've always loved the zoo, so many cool unique animals.  So when I decided to create a "happy birthday" them card, I thought of all the different one of a kind creatures and picked one of tall stature.  Rising taller then any other animal in the zoo makes for a card as neat as the giraffe.

Following a design I found on Pinterest, with my new punches and the ever reliable Silhouette I began the tedious task of creating the giraffe.  I had to be careful not to mess up the proportions between legs/torso/neck and head.  Giraffes are the curiosity of the zoo, such a long neck and long legs to boot.  I almost felt like I was creating a new creature while sizing up and affixing the legs to the torso.  Getting the pieces placed down with glue, I had to keep the card at arms lengths to keep everything in order.  While the final card may not be a 100% match to my vision, the only thing my design and creativity can do is go up.  (Much like the neck of a growing giraffe.)

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