Thursday, October 17, 2013

Joy to the World!

Tonight we had parent teacher conferences until 7.  So I will be keeping this blog post as short as possibly since I am exhausted.  Since I knew I wasn't getting home until late tonight, I searched Pinterest this morning for some inspiration for an easy card.  I have also resorted to triple time stamping when I want to complete an easy card in a short amount of time.  Tonight wasn't any different, but I gave it a different look then I have done in the past so let's discuss today's creation.

Using my Stampin UP trimmer, I cut out different sized overlays and a card base.  Once they were all cut out, I arranged them on the card the way I want them.  I then removed the colored overlay from the back of each white overlay.  Using a little bit of tape runner, I adhered them down so that they won't move when I was stamping onto the overlays.  I started with the sentiment since I want to make sure there was enough room for it and that it wasn't covering anything up.  I then proceeded to stamp snowflakes from the Festive Flurry stamp set to cover up the white area.  Once I finished stamping, I adhered the white overlay to the colored overlay.  Finishing my card, I aligned the snowflakes up so that and adhered the colored overlay onto the base of the card.  I love triple time stamping and this gave a great twist to the technique.  Until next time, happy carding everyone.

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