Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Recipe for disaster

While I would consider last nights card a total failure, I know that between the pressure of my sinuses and the completion of an Ipad uninstall/reinstall it's been quite the week.  These things have been weighing an extra load on me both mentally as well as psychically so I am definitely geared up and ready for the weekend once more.  On the brighter side of things, some of my second graders are finally starting to digest what I am teaching.  This was most evident today in class as one of them was able to complete a lesson in just over five minutes.  Most impressive, and while I am trying to boast my teaching abilities it does make me feel that I am doing my job (which I will admit some days are harder to get through then others).  Coming home and making a creation and writing this blog for you is a piece of meditation in itself, so onward with tonight's remarkable creation!

Tonight I decided to create an easy card, not only because I felt I've earned but because I needed to.  Last nights castrophe of a card made me feel like I failed as a creative individual.  But reminded by my friend Chris, that our failures are what we look back on and know how we've improved.  I found the inspiration for this card by searching Pinterest after school, it took a couple tries to get it right so essentially I created two cards for this evening.  Stamping out six flowers from the "Flower Shop" collection (a collection that I frequently use in my creations).  Once the stamping was completed, I was able to use my punch and create the final product.  Colorful flowers with flowers as unique as autumn foliage, it adds variety to the cards I create.  Placing the flowers on the cards was simple as I used adhesive and evening spaced them, three to a card.  Using a simple "thank you" placed in the center of the card above the flowers tonight's creation was complete.  Simple, easy, not so remarkable but fun none the less to make; until next time happy carding everyone!

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