Sunday, July 21, 2013


This card was quite a challenge, and I kind of screwed up on the placement of the text but yet it still is almost as effective as envisioned.  Sketch pens are a great tool when you want to make something simple look rather remarkable, only because the effect is that you have sketched the subject matter onto paper yourself.  Camera's have all sorts of pieces that make them unique, and each manufacturer has a piece/design that is slightly different to make it stand out from the competition.  While searching on Pinterest I came across this brick looking camera that looks very similar to an old film camera my friend Chris showed me once.  An Argus C-Four camera is very similar in design so this simple square sketch with lots of lines (I had to ask Chris to get the name as he is a photographer) and a few circles was perfect to match it.  When I create a card that will bring a smile to face of the person receiving the card I often find myself thinking of a camera.  We are often forced to smile for pictures, but cards capture natural raw emotions when you give them to a special someone.

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