Saturday, July 20, 2013

You Did It!

No matter the achievement in life, a card to give props to an individual is always a welcome site.  So for this card I decided on simplicity to get the point across.  Using a pink base card with a white overlay (as seems to be a running theme) I used my star stamp in a diagonal pattern through the card.  Achievements are like shooting stars, they are always full of wonder and bewilderment so pushing this through the card helps draw attention to those details in the card.  Using my Silhouette I cut out a floral design, which for this card looks almost as if it's a pin that one would receive at the fair for "best in show" simple while base with a pink petal border for that.  Followed up with a piece of ribbon cut in two to be the tail end.  Keeping the star them, I gave the pin a five-star stamp treatment and polished it off with text "You did it!  CONGRATULATIONS!" both came form the stamp sets I've picked up at rummage sales over the last month.

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