Monday, July 15, 2013

The Sky's The Limit!

Today was an amazing day, full of sunshine and plenty of humidity.  While I wanted to be outside doing other things, I found myself inside near the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater for a keyboarding workshop.  The upside to this is that I get some much deserved me time away from the stresses of everyday life.  A nice cozy hotel room all to myself with a great view of a used car lot and air conditioning, how much more could a girl ask for?  Enough about my luxurious accommodations provided by the school and onto my card for today.  Although summer has just begun, it seems like only yesterday that family and friends celebrated the graduation of someone close by.  The theme of this card is that of hot air balloons going up into the sky, where there is plenty of blue and clouds too!  Using my Silhouette I cut the clouds by first cutting the clouds I discovered they were way too big for my card so I decreased the size by 50% and had a happy medium.  Next using four different colored pieces of paper, using my Creative Memories Heart Punch I made six equal sized hearts.  Two hearts were placed on the card as a base and then I folded the other hearts in half to create an open book effect.  Gluing down one half of a heart and then applying glue to the open face I stuck half against it and glued the other half down to the base.  Giving it a great 3-D effect against the sky blue paper with white fluffy clouds, I finished the card off with a stamp that read "the sky's the limit" as it's true; once you graduate the only place you can go is up!

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