Sunday, July 14, 2013


In celebrations of the recent announcement that my brother and his girlfriend are expecting their first child, I created a "congratulations" card for them.  Using a technique that I've done a few times now in my month and a half of remarkable creations, I did a tri-layer card.  Using a white base, I followed up with pink underlays to give it a border.  It's too early to know if it's going to be a boy for girl, but I am hoping for a girl thus the pink border followed up with one of my new stamps.  The monkeys came from the same set I picked up that had the giraffe and other assorted animals.  Using stamp markers from my collection I also proceeded to included butterflies flying around all over the card.  Because I am away from home at a workshop and packed light for my trip, I completely forgot some of the universal items I use on a regular basis.  The large open area in the card will be stamped with "CONGRATULATIONS" upon my return.  I wish my brother and his girlfriend the best over the next 9 months and look forward to becoming an Aunt!

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