Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Today I decided to make another birthday card, as birthdays are always in season no matter what time of year it is.  After being off four days the holiday weekend was officially over and it was back to reality, teach and cards such is my life as of late.  Thankfully although I was feeling rather tired, inspiration was running through me like summer perspiration on such a muggy day!  Using my Silhouette I started by creating the base of the card, simple really black and white overlays did the trick to put out against the lime main card.  Next I used scrap paper left over from cards from the last month to create the hexagons, using my Creative Memories punch I made an assortment of colorful punches.  Placing them on the card in a similar fashion to a layout I was inspired by after searching on Pinterest, I left a bit of open space between the hexagons to help give the card the ability to breathe.  When I ran out of room on the sides, I found that I had a large gap on a couple of the sections so I proceed to cut my punches in half and place them on the edge of the card.  To complete the card I used a "Happy Birthday" stamp and placed it in the center.

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