Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You are simply wonderful!

Today I used an early birthday present from my mother to help create a simple yet effective card for a friend.  Using two pieces of 3" by 6" card stock of two different varieties I scored each sheet at 1.5" mark.  Folding over at the mark of 1.5" I then proceeded to fold the card in half the other way giving me a square shaped perfectly folded pieced evenly shaped on all sides.  Repeating with both styles of paper, I then unfolded the sides to apply adhesive to the designer paper.  The key here is only to apply adhesive to the center as the card folds still need to be able to flex back and forth.  Then taking my solid colored paper I attached that so that my flaps were facing the opposite direction.  In the middle which is the solid color, I stamped "You are simply wonderful."  After stamping the middle of the card, I folded one of the flaps on the designer paper towards the center of the card.  Following that I fold one of the solid color flaps so it overlapped the other paper.  Doing the same with the other two pieces, I gently placed one flap of the solid paper under the designer paper to close and complete the overall appearance of one solid piece.  After I had it folded up, I stamped "to my friend" on each of the solid corners.  Until next time, happy carding everyone!

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