Sunday, July 28, 2013

Thank You For Being You!

Today I used a lot of paper, I had to cut plenty of different designer papers into quarter inch strips (about 9 of each color).  After cutting the strips, I used my adhesive machine and layered on adhesive all over the custom cut base card.  The key was to make sure that all sides of the card were equally full of adhesive.  Taking my first strip of paper I laid it diagonally from top right to bottom left creating two triangles, it doesn't have to be ideally perfect but the key is diagonal lines not horizontal.  Using the same color split the two (almost triangles) into four and leave a little bit of space between so it's not perfectly symmetrical.  Using the next strip of paper (of a different color) running parallel to the first diagonal line and cut off the extra.  As long as the paper was cut long enough left over to connect the corners and complete another layer on the segment.  Being nit-picky to the corners after a new layer was put down I trimmed the excess paper promptly with my scissors.  Following up in each quadrant I kept the same color theme through out, and then proceeded after completing the other three to use a different color.  Once the first three layers of color were completed the card started to take shape, in keeping with my theme of purple, yellow, and pink I continues to cut the strips.  As the space grew smaller so did my strips, the hardest part was cutting pieces small enough to fit in the very end of each quadrant.  Cutting all the loose ends I now had a completed card ALMOST, I then placed on card stock again custom cut; with just enough color differential to make it pop against the yellow used in my layers.

Adding a simple cut out from my Silhouette library, I used a stamp to add the text and placed in the center of the card.  A lot little paper pieces were left behind as waste from this card so maybe I'll find some use for them in a future card.  Until next time, happy carding.

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