Monday, July 1, 2013


Today started bright and early with a morning run with my boyfriend, it was a workout that really drained me physically and by the end of the day teaching I was just as drained mentally!  Using a new stamp that I got from Stampin up last week, I did the simple effect of stamping it to paper and then punched around them to give nice separation between flower and the background.  I then created the purple lace bottom with my Silhouette with similar shapes to help mimic the flowers.  After looking at what I had I felt it was too bland so using adhesive squares it really popped off the page.  When placed as a complete work on the card stock, I knew it was meant to be.  For the word "friendship" I used a simple black sketch pen and a nice cursive font to draw attention to curves in each letter.  Large enough to be noticed, but also enough open space in the letters to give a free spirited feeling to the text.  Until next time, I float away to sleep and bid you farewell friends, time to unwind.

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