Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Celebrate Everyday!

More long days so more simple cards, the only difficulty I had in creating today's card was finding a happy medium between paper and my personal tastes.  Using my Creative Memories heart punch, I created eighteen hearts out of an assortment of colors and sizes.  After punching the hearts, I folded them in half so that the design side of the paper was showing (which I now know for next time I use this technique to use solid color paper so there isn't as much of a blend effect), after tirelessly folding hearts for what seemed like forever it was now time to position them on the card.  Affixing the cards with the base of the heart pointing inwards, I used a pinwheel effect for placement creating a faux flower in appearance.  This didn't come out as I saw it in my head, but it's neat none the less (as that is what card making is all about discovering new ways to make something different even if it is a happy mistake).  Finishing off the card I used a stamp to write "Celebrate Everyday" which leaves this card to fit for many different occasions.

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