Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Day to You!

Today I decided to go with a very detail orientated design, lot's of pieces and lot's of handy work.  In the end the final product shows that hard work can pay off when well executed.  Lacking any ideas in my head I turned to the ever reliable Pinterest, and found a great 9 circle flower design.  If you search those keywords you too can find similar designs to the one I chose for tonight's card, following the step by step instructions and limiting myself in writing this blog to keep the length down proved quite the challenge.  Using my Silhouette I cut nine equal sized circles on double sided paper, the double sided paper is key in doing this design as when the final card is revealed it helps make the petals pop.  After the circles finished, I proceeded to fold them into quarters (in half and then in half again).  Following the tedious steps in unfolding the circles and refolding the corners to follow the tutorial my petals were now complete.  Alternating them around the base circle (so I was left with an even eight).  Placement on the base card without a stem was hard, no lines to lead the eyes to the heart of the flower but alas I did my best.  Using one of my stamps I purchased over the weekend, I placed the words "happy day to you."  This is a great card to just let someone special know you are thinking of them.

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