Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Following an idea I had drawn out of my head, I created anther baby card today.  As  my brother and his girlfriend are expecting, I will be waiting for a few more months before I actually get to find out if it's a boy or girl so until that happens I can practice my baby celebration cards.  When a new baby is welcomed to the family it can feel stardom so to speak, so with this design cut with my Silhouette I made that the focal point.  Baby is thankfully a short word, so I didn't need to make this card excessively long but it was still a unique size care being that it was three times as long as it was tall.  Although my Silhouette made cutting the letters within the starts easier then it looks, it was still a challenge to punch them out without ruining any of the curves of the font.  The dark base card followed by a simple white overlay seemed a bit empty so to add a bit of flare I cut a piece of light blue ribbon the length of the white overlay and put it as a one sided border on the bottom of the card.  This gives great definition and weight and importance of the stars and letters.

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