Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Birthday!

After another long day of teaching, summer finally has a holiday that gives me an extended weekend.  With the Fourth of July falling on a Thursday, I was given a natural four day break from everything.  Taking advantage of much cooler temperatures then a year ago for the forth, a good friend and I visited Mount Olympus Theme Park.  After plenty of body jerking rides including Hades 360 (the world's largest upside wooden roller coaster) and seemingly hours in line, my body was plenty sore and not feeling up to being actively creative with my card.  So to keep it simple I picked out a sketch from my Silhouette archives of a giraffe with sunglasses.  It definitely brought a smile to my face on the the day before my four days off, obviously the sunglasses definitely add to the element.  Using my sketch pens I layered the giraffe in two separate sketches, this way I was able to give him different color sunglasses from his body.  Effectively helping making them pop against the white background and mimicking the border placed on the card.  

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